If you live in the North Shore of Auckland or you’re just visiting for a few days, there’s plenty of things to do in and around the North Shore. Brace yourself, your weekend is about to get crazy fun!

Water, water everywhere, at Lake Pupuke

If you love water sports, Lake Pupuke in North Shore city is just the place to go to, for fresh water activities. It is located right in the centre of the city, which makes it easy to get to. You can go diving, boating, water skiing or rowing here.

If you are feeling like doing something more laid back, you could have a picnic or just sit back and read a book by the lake.

Side note: Lake Pupuke came to be as a result of two volcanic crates and ended up with a unique shape of a heart because of how the craters formed. When the volcano became inactive, it got filled with fresh water and thus lake Pupeke came to be.


Coast to Coast view of Auckland at 15000 feet above ground

New Zealand is beautiful to explore at ground level. But imagine seeing it at 15000 feet above ground! You can book a scenic flight to fly along the West Coast, over Waiheke and Rangitoto, see the Sky Tower, or fly further to see more of the country.

Heletranz offers personalised, tailor-made flight tours, for you to explore.

Book your tour with Heletranz 


The Magic Broomstick tour of Devonport

Never jumped on a Segway before? It’s definitely worth trying with the Magic Broomstick Tour of Devonport.

You can glide through the charming Victorian villas, the beaches, parks, see extinct volcanos, and see the historic north head of Auckland, the summit of Maungauika, where you get a 360 degree view of Auckland. You can ride back to the Devonport Wharf for a relaxed evening.

If you are around the North Shore, this is a unique way of seeing Devonport and a must try for sure!


Sunnynook, a day long tour of the best of North Shore

If you’re looking to do something fun with your friends, you could spend your Saturday on a day long tour in and around North Shore, starting from Sunnynook. If you are a good planner, you could do it yourself, or get in touch with a tour company that will organize the entire tour for you.

You can head out to the West Coast, walk through the beaches, waterfalls, caves and lakes. You can break for lunch at an idyllic location for lunch (If you decide to go with a pre-planned tour, it includes wine tasting and BBQ prepared by a professional chef).

The tour can last up to 8 hours and leaves you feeling refreshed.

The ‘Best of West Tours’ organises day tours starting from Sunnynook.


Unleash your inner child with ‘JUMP’

Are you bored of the gym but still want to keep fit doing something a lot more fun? ‘JUMP’ is the place for you. It is an indoor trampoline park in North Shore, Auckland that is meant for people of all ages and fitness levels, so you can go jump all you want and not feel out of place. Alternately, you could also pick another activity like dodge ball or a group fitness class.

They also have a foam pit and a massive free running area, so you have plenty of fun options to choose from.

Jumping on a trampoline can be both relaxing, fun and helps you burn those extra calories quickly.


Solve that Mystery

If you want to keep that brain working through the weekend, you should consider going to an escape room in Takapuna in North Shore. For those who have never done this before, an escape room, as the name suggests, is a bunch of rooms you need to escape out of by earning your way out. You get interesting mysteries to solve, through puzzles and riddles, and can be quite fun and in fact an adrenaline rush.


Make those taste buds happy

If you want to eat some great street food from all over the world, but go easy on the purse strings, you should check out the weekend night markets in Glenfield. You can have a bit of everything over the course of the evening or go all in with one cuisine. The weekend market starts off at about 5.30pm and has a range of stalls offering some of best street food that you’ll ever taste.


Seas the day

The North Shore of Auckland has some breathtaking beaches, like Thorne Bay, Castor Bay Beach Reserve, or the Waiake beaches.

You could just have a relaxed day at the beach, go surfing, go for a walk, or just enjoy the sunset at a beach. There are a lot of cafes in and around the beaches, so plenty to pick from!


The Vic

The Victoria theatre in Devonport is a historic, community-based cinema theatre that was built in 1912. It has been beautifully restored and renovated since 2010, but still has a rustic feel to it.

You could pick a movie based off of the old days, watch it at the Victorian theatre, and feel transported back to 1912.

Indulge away

Who doesn’t love chocolat and dessert? Head over to this quaint little store in Devonport, North Shore, ‘Devonport Chocolates’.

They have a delicious and mouthwatering display of truffles and chocolates to choose from, and you can see them from the glass window outside the shop, so beware, it will lure you in for sure.

Tucked away on Wynyard Street, it is one of the best dessert places to go to in North Shore.



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