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Revolutionising Entertainment

The way New Zealanders use the internet is being revolutionised. Smart TV is the way of the future. With Lightbox, On Demand, Netflix and Neon to name but a few we can now watch what we want when we want. With global IPs we can watch TV from overseas such as the UK’s ITV and BBC. No longer do we have to be governed by standard TV scheduling. Along with this we have fibre internet, which is the best technology but with high streaming times needed to stream TV and movies Jenco can provide fibre connections directly from your fibre modem to the TV jackpoints that will make your viewing more enjoyable and your online gaming out of this world as you will not be relying on wireless connections.

Get a vastly improved delivery system

gaming-controllerWhy spend thousands of hard earned dollars on the latest smart T.V. and watch your online shows through the wireless network.

You may as well just be watching it on your ipad or laptop as you will have the same streaming issues on your T.V. as you would have on your computer, unless you have a hardwired connection to your T.V., and if your going to do that then go for the best future proofing you can and have a hard wired fibre connection directly to the jackpoint that your TV will plug in to, whether it be in the living room, bedroom, home office or games room.

With the increase in devices using broadband and the amount of data some services require there is a need for a vastly improved delivery system.

The Speed of Data

To give you an idea of speed of data/information, cabling, being anything from a CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT7, give a typical speed of anywhere from 100 — 1200mhz. Optistar Fibre has a typical transmission speed of up to 20,000mhz. It’s like trading in your old tired car for a Ferrari.

Did you know that your wifi bandwidth is divided across the number of devices connected and they don’t even need to be browsing the internet, just connected to your wireless network. So even when you aren’t using all of the devices at once they are reducing your download speed.
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Did you know interference of your wifi can come from everything from cordless phones, microwaves and even fluorescent lights.

What was promised was delivered

What was promised was delivered.  The system works.  The installation was difficult and made complex by building issues that were initially hidden.  But the guys put in the time and the people to ensure that it worked as we needed and in the end price paid was as per quote which we really appreciated.

Terry Levenburg 

OLETTE Hair Salon

Wayne Jenson of Jenco Electrical is the most professional, switched on guy who knows so much knowledge and is confident that you just absolutely trust him whole heartedly with all your electrical needs.  Everything I wanted within my business to help it look good and run well in the electrical line, Wayne made it happen.


Thanks to the guys from Jenco

Great work to get our Vodafone TV data cable issue sorted after so many frustrations with other parties. Fast efficient service and advice, and so handy in our neighbourhood. I will certainly be calling on Jenco again for any electrical needs.

Graeme Atkinson

"There is going to be no better solution than fibre for a very long time"

Get fibre in your office!

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A Better Alternative

You wouldn’t watch Freeview with rabbit ears so why watch online TV on wireless when there is a much better and long term alternative which will keep up with ever changing technology.


For those who may not be in a position to have a fibre connection then we can have a chat with you about your other options for getting the best broadband streaming that you can.

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