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Business Fibre

High Performance Technology - Future Proofing Your Business

Are all or any of the items listed below an integral part of your business:

  • Cloud based storage and backup
  • Paperless office
  • Flexible remote office for yourself and your staff
  • Audio conferencing rather than in house meetings
  • Webinars rather than seminars streamed directly to your PC or meeting room

Whether you are a small to medium sized office or a large global corporation data streaming will be at the forefront of your IT needs.

By simply running a fibre cable instead of a copper UTP cable directly from your fibre modem to your data points you will give your business the most up to date structured cabling in the most capable format to cope with large file transmission requirements.

This technology will enable your office to keep up with technology changes in the future.

Downtime in business due to slow download times can cause frustration and reduce productivity.

Let’s work together to try and make everyone’s life a lot easier and keep staff, clients, customers and other professional services you work with happy.

Jenco uses a hybrid cable that can be run for both your phone outlets and your data outlets eliminating the need for two different cables.

For those who may not be in a position to have a fibre connection then we can have a chat with you about your other options for getting the best broadband streaming that you can.

Prepared to go the extra mile

Edmond Air have been using Jenco Electrical for wiring our air conditioning and ventilation installations and control systems for the last 5 years.

We have always found the Jenco team to be very knowledgeable, capable and professional. They complete their work to a high standard and in a timely manner, and are always prepared to go the extra mile to get the job done.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenco Electrical to any commercial or residential customer.

Anthony Edmond, General Manager, Edmond Air


Powell Webber & Associates

We always had problems finding electricians who were reliable, turned up when they said they would, who were reasonably priced and do quality work, and who are available at short notice should we have an emergency. That is until we appointed Jenco Electrical. Jenco have been our electricians for the past three years.


"There is going to be no better solution than fibre for a very long time"

Get fibre to your home!

Want to revolutionise your home entertainment?

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Residential Fibre

Greater Potential

There may be aspects of your business that this system could improve that we haven’t even thought of yet, so have a chat with us and let’s see what your needs are and what ‘fibre to jack’ can do for you.


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